Primescan (CEREC Restorations)

A digital scan of your mouth to create beautiful, precise restoration in one day

Primescan (CEREC Restorations)

What to expect

Introducing Primescan Technology

As a CEREC dentist, we are proud to offer our patients the cutting-edge advantage of Primescan technology. Primescan is a revolutionary dental imaging system that has transformed the way we approach restorative dentistry. With its advanced capabilities, Primescan allows for highly precise digital impressions, creating a seamless and efficient experience for our patients.

How Primescan Enhances CEREC Restorations

Primescan plays a pivotal role in the creation of CEREC restorations, which are designed to restore damaged or missing teeth with beautiful and durable crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in just a single visit. With Primescan, traditional uncomfortable impression materials are a thing of the past. Instead, this state-of-the-art technology captures detailed 3D images of your teeth and oral structures quickly and comfortably. These digital impressions are then used as the foundation for the design and creation of your custom CEREC restoration.

The CEREC Restoration Process

CEREC restorations are crafted with precision and efficiency, thanks to the combination of Primescan and our advanced in-house milling unit. Once the digital impressions are obtained, our skilled team utilises CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) technology to design your restoration with meticulous attention to detail. The digital design is then sent to our milling unit, where it crafts your restoration from a high-quality ceramic material. This process ensures a perfect fit and a natural appearance, all within a single appointment.

The Advantages of CEREC Restorations

Choosing CEREC restorations means experiencing numerous advantages. First and foremost, the convenience of same-day restorations eliminates the need for multiple visits, temporary crowns, or waiting periods. CEREC restorations are not only time-efficient but also remarkably precise, offering an excellent fit and a beautiful aesthetic result. Patients can leave our practice with a fully restored smile in just one appointment, thanks to the powerful combination of Primescan and CEREC technology.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the latest advancements in dental technology to enhance their oral health and well-being. If you're in need of restorative dental work and appreciate the convenience of same-day solutions, consider CEREC restorations with Primescan technology. Our experienced team is here to ensure your comfort and satisfaction, delivering exceptional results with the utmost efficiency.

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