Our People

Sarah Lidell

Front of House Coordinator

Meet Sarah, a dedicated dental assistant and proud Christchurch native. With a background in front-of-house and service industry roles, she embarked on her dentistry journey in early 2021, discovering her passion for delivering top-tier healthcare to patients, particularly in oral surgeries.

Beyond her dental career, Sarah is a skilled aerobatic pilot, having earned her private pilot's license in early 2023. Currently, she is diligently working towards obtaining her commercial pilot's license, showcasing her determination and commitment to her goals.

An avid music enthusiast, Sarah is classically trained in the flute, descant, and treble recorder. In her leisure time, she enjoys staying active with walks on the Port Hills, ice skating, and playing tennis and field hockey.

Sarah's altruistic nature shines through her volunteer work with the Red Cross Meals on Wheels service and her dedication to the YMCA youth holiday programmes, where she has contributed over 100 hours. And when the day winds down, she finds joy in the company of her feisty 2-year-old tortoiseshell cat named Meep.

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