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Dr. Marika Arnold


Dr Marika Arnold, a distinguished dentist, embarked on her journey in dentistry by earning her degree from McGill University in Montreal in 2016. During her academic pursuits, she garnered accolades for her exceptional qualities of compassion, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of patient care.

Seeking to broaden her expertise and delve into advanced treatments for complex health conditions, Dr. Marika Arnold undertook a General Practice Residency in Salt Lake City, Utah. During her time there, she worked within a hospital environment, tending to patients of all ages with diverse medical conditions.

Over the subsequent five years, Dr. Marika dedicated herself to the art of cosmetic dentistry on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Her areas of expertise encompassed a wide array of procedures, including full mouth reconstruction, implant-retained dentures, and the creation of single to multiple implant crowns and bridges. She collaborated closely with local specialists, ensuring the most reliable and predictable outcomes, even in the most challenging cases.

Armed with her extensive experience and solid academic foundation, Dr. Marika Arnold is a well-rounded dentist who offers a comprehensive range of high-quality dental care services to her patients.

Dr. Marika relocated to Christchurch in 2022, where she chose to establish her family's roots. Originally hailing from Quebec, she is fluent in both English and French. When Dr. Marika isn't immersed in her dental practice or the ocean, you'll find her exploring the picturesque parks in Christchurch with her school-age daughter, Emma, her husband, and her beloved fur baby, Macchiato.

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